Our Staff

Leo Thorsen
Residence Manager
My name is Leo and I am a grateful addict. I just celebrated my 5th year in recovery and I give all the glory to God. I first heard about the faith based recovery foundation from a friend in 2017…

I actually interviewed for the Residence Manager position then and things just didn’t fit. This encounter with the board had a significant impact on me and drove me to be a better person and find ways to use my past experiences to help others.

II returned to school and started my journey to an education in social work, primarily addiction recovery. I have since earned my high school diploma and an Associates of Science from BYU-I. I am now enrolled at USU in the social work program.

I was asked to serve on the board for the recovery home in early 2019 and just fell in love with working with the guys in the home. I have never been so close to the spirit as while working with these gentlemen and just felt drawn to continue working with them.

I now serve as the Residence Manager and find myself with the guys on a daily basis. I witness God in their lives daily and see the Atonement in action throughout every day.

I am married to my eternal companion Sherrie. We have 4 grown children between us and 8 grandchildren from Sherrie’s side. We currently are licensed foster care providers and have 4 children in our home.

I live my life for Christ and finding ways to help serve his children. I consider my involvement at the Thompsen House of Hope my greatest accomplishment in life. My day to day interaction with these gentlemen is nothing short if miraculous and they help me to be a better version of myself.

Lewis Selfe
Night Manager
Lewis is a recovering alcoholic. He came to this faith-based recovery program in hopes of making a better life for himself and got much more than that…

“What I was missing in my life was God; I had never had that before”. 

Lewis realized that he needed to love himself to be able to fix his problems. The fellowship the volunteers and the programs available have worked wonders, which he is very grateful for.

After Lewis graduated, he wanted to give back somehow, to something  that was  so freely given to him. A great opportunity arose as the Thompsen House of Hope was seeking a Night Manager.  “It has been a huge blessing  for me to be able to do such a thing. I couldn’t  be more happy with my life right now”.