Our Story

Thompsen House of Hope

The Uintah Basin Faith-Based Recovery Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)3 corporation in the State of Utah. The sole purpose of the foundation is to oversee and administer the operations of a licensed Men’s Addiction Recovery Residence known as the Thompsen House of Hope. 

The Thompsen House of Hope is a duly licensed Men’s Addiction Recovery Residence that was conceived and developed over a period of 3 years by an interfaith group of local individuals from our immediate communities. These dedicated individuals observed that nearly 30% of all households in the Uintah Basin have been affected by drug or alcohol abuse. Armed with this statistic, the interfaith group began renovation on an abandoned school house with renovation taking approximately 1 year. During renovation of the building the same group worked toward the establishment of a non-profit 501(c)3 corporation. The Foundation was awarded non-profit status in 2018. Thompsen House of Hope has been actively admitting and helping individual residents since February of 2019. 

Thompsen House of Hope serves the entire Uintah Basin and its residents with a purpose of providing a place of assistance, including living quarters in a safe, substance-free environment. We serve men of all ages and ethnic groups who are suffering from alcohol abuse, illicit drug abuse, and/or illegal or overuse of legal prescription drugs, which have become problematic. 

Our program is 120 days in length and includes an in-house faith-based 12-step recovery curriculum for all residents. Our home also provides other faith-based curricula such as Authentic Manhood training. All of our programs are administered and taught by our Residence Manager and a myriad of local, community volunteers. 

THOH Thankful Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving, we are thankful for angels among us who make such an impact on our community. This one’s for you Dan & Polly Karren.